The summer 2002 the first establishment of “Le Alhambra Complexe” opened. It was a telephone shop, which consisted of three telephones. In February 2003 a supermarket opened, as in April 2003 was forced to expand due to the large number of costumers. At the same time a licence to sell tobacco were obtained.

During the summer 2003 a part the Bed and Breakfast was completed. It consisted of four rooms. The summer 2004 a major renovation and expansion started. Once completed, it will consist of approximately 30 rooms.


Martil, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea.

Martil is a sea resort north east of Tetouan, Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea. The resort constitutes the end of the Martil Valley. In region Tangier-Tetouan.

The name Martil comes from the Spanish name of Rio Martin at the time of the Spanish protectorate of Northern Morocco.